County Legislator Uses Every Insane Excuse To Get Out Of A Speeding TicketHowever people feel about police officers, everyone would probably agree: they aren't paid enough to put up with stuff like this.
Woman Sues Dating Agency After A Bad DateAn Australian fitness instructor and model sued over a bad date with a guy she met through an online service - and won.
Mama Moose Charges After A Man For Getting Too Close To Her CalfRule #1 of wildlife...just leave it be. Sadly, there are some who have to learn that the hard way.
Woman Pulls A Gun During "Back To School" Brawl Over The Last NotebookWhat is wrong with people? Sadly, it's a question we're asking more and more often.
Only A Texan Would Hop A 5FT Curb To Hit The Whataburger Drive-ThruWhat's the craziest thing you would do for a Whataburger?
Lesson Learned! Don't Do A Belly Flop Off An 83-Foot CliffIf you're going to go cliff jumping, it's important to remember to jump feet first!
Woman Gets "Big Lebowskied" Spreading Her Mother's AshesIf you haven't seen The Big Lebowski...shame on you! If you don't have time to watch the movie, you should at least watch the ashes scene.
Nordstrom Is Charging $425 For A Pair Of Dirty JeansWhat is happening at Nordstrom? Why are they trying to sell us a pair of "dirty" jeans?
Man Eats 255 Peeps In 5 Minutes To Break The World RecordAs Easter approaches, let the Peep Eating contests commence.
If You're Going To Steal Your Coworkers Food...Don't Log The Calories On My Fitness PalMan people can be really dumb.
College Student Juggles For Officers To Get Out Of A DUIDriving too slow is suspicious. However, there are a couple of reasons why you might be going under the speed limit...your brake lights are're looking for an address...or you're drunk!
Dad Offers Up $20 To His Little Boy To Sneak Up On A 1,300 Pound SteerIn general, it's probably not a good idea to sneak up on a steer. Even allow your child to sneak up on a 1,300 pound steer!

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