U.S. Snowboarder Red Gerard Wins Gold After Sleeping Through His Alarm & Losing His JacketOn Sunday, the odds were against snowboarder Red Gerard. However, he managed to pull through and take home a Gold medal in slopestyle snowboarding.
Alarm Clock Stuck In Man's Wall Has Gone Off Everyday For 13 Years StraightIn 2004, Jerry Lynn had an ingenious idea to figure out where he needed to puncture a hole in his wall for some home repairs.  
Study Comes Up With "Perfect Music to Wake Up To"Do you wake-up to music… news… talk… or nothing on the radio? Or maybe you wake-up to something else you’ve programmed. I realize if you wake-up to Jody Dean’s show it’s the perfect blend of all three :) but here’s an interesting new study about what music starts the day on the right, um, note.
Rebekah: I Must Have The Wakie AppDoes anyone else have issues waking up? Is the alarm not enough?
Rebekah: I Was Slangry...That's Sleepy & AngryHow early is too early to text on a Saturday morning?
Waking Up Late Is The Worst One second you feel so amazing and refreshed and the next it all gets ripped away from you when you look at the clock.
Jenny's Q: What Time Do You Wake Up?Jenny’s Q: Are you a morning or night person? What time do you get up? A new study shows ‘morning people’ are more successful. I’m not one of those, even though

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