Calm Down Everyone! Betty White Isn't Dead, It's Just Her Birthday!FACT. When Betty White is trending on social media, people panic. Why? Because there is concern that this wonderful and insanely talented woman has left this Earth.
Calm Down Everyone! Morgan Freeman Is NOT DeadHere we go again. For the hundredth time, Morgan Freeman is NOT dead!
Hugh Hefner's Death Sparks Concern For Betty WhiteEvery time an elderly celebrity passes away, Twitter freaks out. Why? Because they don't want death knocking on Betty White's door.
Man Wakes Up With Severe Pain, Doctors Proceed To Remove Live Gecko From Ear CanalA Chinese man woke up with severe ear pain.  
Snake Coughs Up Another LIVE Snake, Then Slithers AwaySay a prayer and go to confession because this is the work of the devil! And apparently the devil lives in Texas!
Richard Dreyfuss Corrects Internet Users on Which Dreyfuss HeActor Richard Dreyfuss went on Twitter last night after the Emmy Awards to confirm that (a) he is not dead and that (b) he is not Julia Louis-Dreyfus' father.
Sylvester Stallone Is The Victim Of An Internet Death HoaxSylvester Stallone is alive and well!
Game Of Thrones Reveals Jon Snow Is...WARNING! If you didn't watch last night's episode of Game of Thrones, stop reading right now. Spoiler alert!!! Spoiler alert!!!
Man Brought Back To Life After Being Frozen To Death
Teen Wakes Up Inside Her Own Coffin!
Rebekah: Is Darth Vader Alive?
Hostess Used Pension Money To Keep Making TwinkiesStories from around the globe or as we like to call it…Notes from the News!

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