Plano Named One Of The Best Cities In The Country For Veterans To Live!As we take a minute to sit back and reflect on all the service men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country, we take a special look at Plano, which was just named one the best cities in the United States for Veterans to live.
25 Happiest Cities in America; Only 1 In TexasBeing close to water helps! Only one Texas area makes the cut.
Frisco Named The Fastest Growing City In The United States! Four Texas Cities Make Top Ten!Earlier this year, Frisco was named as the second fastest growing city in the United States in terms of population.  Now...we're number one!
Buzz Aldrin Wins The 4th Of JulyBuzz Adrin's patriotism extends far beyond just landing on the moon. In fact, the Fourth of July just might be his favorite holiday of all time.
Every State's Best Food Truck Named; BBQ Truck Rules TexasThe boom of two things in America in the last 5 years have been Food Trucks and Craft Breweries. You can go to any downtown and find food trucks lining streets (unless regulations prohibit it.) Uproxx has taken it upon themselves to name the best food truck in each state.
The Weirdest Items Texans Shop For Online, Plus The Item We Searched For More Than Any Other StateOnline shopping certainly has its risks and rewards. You never know the quality of the product you purchased until it arrives on your doorstep, but you also never have to put on pants.
Nothing To See Here, Just A Patriotic Chicken Playing The PianoAdmit it. You've felt it, too. There's just too much anger and hate online. So much so in fact that you just don't want to even get online anymore for fear of what you'll find in your newsfeed.
What Happens When Irish People Taste Test American Seafood?American cuisine goes international.
Want To See All Of America In 2017? You're Only A $213 Train Ride Away.If you're looking to travel more in 2017, travel blogger Derek Low has devised the ultimate cross-country United States trip that not only lets you visit some of America's most historic cities, but won't hurt your wallet along the way.
America's Post-Election Healing Process Involves A Lot Of Obama & Biden MemesIt's no secret the United States is pretty divided right now over the election. People are trying to heal over the most random things...including memes. To be more specific, President Obama and Joe Biden memes.
Wylie, Texas Is The #1 Best Small City In America For FamiliesWe have a new #1 city for the best place to raise a family!
You're Gonna Want One Of TheseThey've been months in the making. Now, they're finally here.

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