It's Chuck Berry's First Album Since 1979, And We Talked To His Son About ItCharles Berry Jr. talks about being the son of music royalty, and Chuck Berry's first album in almost four decades
O'Reilly Auto Parts Features The Flux Capacitor On Their WebsiteBack to the Future is easily one of the most iconic films of the 80s. If you are a fan of the trilogy, we've got a fun surprise for you. Without giving too much away, follow the instructions below...
The Hoverbike Looks Awesome & Completely DangerousLadies and gentlemen, we are on the verge of a new horizon. We are one step closer to a very real Back to the Future and Star Wars moment. We're talking about the hoverbike.
Nike's Power Lacing 'Back To The Future' Shoes Hit The StoresThis are the coolest shoes EVER!!
MCA Wanted To Change The Title Of Back To The Future To Space Man From PlutoBack to the Future is one of the greatest movies of all time. It's hard to imagine the film any other way than what we saw in theaters. However, MCA had different ideas for the movie.
Michael J. Fox Covers Johnny B. Goode With Coldplay!Who knew Michael J. Fox could play guitar? Not only that, but who knew he could do it so well?!?!?!
"Back To The Future": DeLorean Cars Part Of Humbel TX Man's LifeA video look into author Earnest Cline of Humble TX, the man who is taking his love of the DeLorean to major level.
The Rocketeer Spotted Flying Over The Statue Of LibertyWe don’t have hoverboards. Or do we...Rebekah insists, but I told her twelve times this morning it doesn't count if it's not made by Matel.
Nike Has A Release Date For Back To The Future's Self-Lacing Shoes
Ruining “Back To The Future” Day (Sorry)This idea of “Back to the Future” Day is fun, and a pop culture milestone for us all. It is certainly interesting to look back at what the trilogy’s creators were able to accurately predict about the world three decades in the future. And it’s even more fun to point out what they got wrong.
Teens React To "Back To The Future II" Date 10.21.15
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Doc Brown's Dog Was Originally Written As A Chimp

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