Check Out The First Pic Of A Very Bald Chip GainesOMG! He did it! He actually buzzed his head!
Zayn Malik Is Completely Bald!Ok, so we already knew Zayn Malik was bald, right? He took the clippers to his head weeks ago with a nice little buzz cut. However, the plot thickens.
Ballerina Loses Her Hair After Putting Her Hair In A Bun Every Day!Can you imagine having to put your hair in a tight bun every single day of your life. That is exactly what this ballerina did, and it took a toll on her hair.
American Girl Makes Dolls For Children With Alopecia!!!American Girl is doing some amazing things with their dolls these days.
Girl Trying The Corn Drill Challenge Loses A Huge Chunk Of HairIn what world would you ever think eating corn on the cob off a spinning drill would be a good idea?
Can Dry Shampoo Make You Go Bald?YIKES! This is bad news! A woman is claiming that dry shampoo caused her to go bald!
Before He Was Famous, Vin Diesel Worked The Toy Fair SceneIt’s always cool to see what today’s big stars looked like when they were just "regular Joe" like you and know, before their big break.
Uh Oh, The Man Bun Causes Baldness!!!
They Walk Among UsA collection of stupid people and their stupid stories...
They Walk Among Us
As Heard On Jody Dean: Tuesday, 02/07/2012
The Fallout!!!

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