#ScaryClownNight At Burger King Means FREE WhoppersThe reboot of Stephen King's "IT" has been the best PR move in Burger King history! Who knew the fear of scary clowns would sell burgers?
Burger King Is Trolling McDonald's With The Popularity Of "IT"The "IT" reboot hit theaters on September 8th. On the exact same day, Burger King started trolling McDoanld's by playing into people's fear of clowns as a way of encouraging customers to opt for the flame-grilled burgers at BK.
Burger King Offering Lucky Charms Milkshakes, And It's BeautifulA new milkshake inspired by one of the most recognizable cereals of all time has been added to Burger King's menu.
Burger King Forced To Remove Editing From The Whopper's Wiki Page After Their New Ad Uses Google HomeMission accomplished! Burger King's Whopper has gone viral thanks to a little help from Google Home and Wikipedia.
Burger King's Company Buying Popeyes
Napoleon Dynamite & Pedro Reunite For Burger King's Cheesy Tots CommercialDreams really do come true! Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are back together again!
Burger King Introducing Cheetos And Mac N' Cheese Combo Snack (Photo)Ok. This doesn't sound all too bad. We've all dipped our french fries and chicken nuggets into our frostys before. This is two delicious food items together. What could possibly be disgusting about it?
M&Ms Might Be Breaking Up With The McFlurry!Mars Inc. candies and McDonald's are beefin'.
Burger King Testing The WhopperitoBurger King is testing a new possible menu item... the Whopperito!
Burger King Stops Loitering With MusicA San Francisco Burger King used to have a major issue with people hanging around in front of the eatery, because it's location...
What You Should Never Order At Fast Food RestaurantsA recent thread on Reddit asked fast food workers to reveal what items you should never order on their restaurants menu.
Burger King Adds "Angriest Burger" To The Menu Complete With A Red BunIf you missed out on Burger King's famous black bun, we have some good news for you!

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