KLUV World Tour: Ice Magic Festival In Lake Louise, CanadaExplore a winter paradise in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies!
Alberta Man Continues To Mow His Lawn In The Middle Of A TornadoA little advice from Texas to Canada...if you see a giant tornado in your backyard, TAKE COVER!!!
DNA Test Shows Subway's Chicken Sandwich Only Contains 50% ChickenGrosssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
Ivanka Trump Is All Of Us Crushing On The Canadian Prime MinisterPresident Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk about blah, blah, blah.
Man Shaves Kittens And Sells Them As Purebred Hairless Cats In New ScamWhen Shayla Bastarche met the seller in a parking lot, she though that the could be the first sign something was amiss.
Canadian Town Threatens Drunk Drivers With Endless NickelbackAs if there wasn't enough to stop you from ever drinking and driving, the Canadian town of Kensington has a plan that will surely make it residents spend the night at a friends or call a cab before getting behind the wheel.
Kensington Police Service Issues A Warning To Drunk Drivers: We Will Make You Listen To Nickelback All The Way To JailAs Christmas and the New Year quickly approach, it's no secret that the alcohol intake will be on the rise. We've all got parties to attend or plan. There will be moments where a little nip here and there can take the edge off family drama. You get the idea.
Canada's Immigration Site Crashed During The ElectionIf you weren't able to stay up late last night, Donald Trump is our next President of the United States.
Canada Tries To Cheer Up America With A Video Message "You're Already Great"With all the negativity coming out of our Presidential campaign, it would seem that maybe we need a little cheering up about the situation.
Prince George & Princess Charlotte Playing At A Party Is The Cutest Thing EVER!!!We'll admit it. We are obsessed with British royalty. Especially those adorable babies, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
Cops Stop Traffic Every Year To Get Duckling Family HomeFor some strange reason, every year, one mother duck always makes her spring nest at the Atlantic Superstore in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Woman Calls Police To Complain About Pizza!A Canadian woman in St. John's, Newfoundland recently ordered pizza delivery and upon receiving it, she felt it didn't contain enough cheese...

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