Tony Romo Commentating A Kitten Running On The Field Will Be The Best Highlight This Football SeasonOne of the only real highlights of the game came just after the Dolphins' final failed play of the game.  A stray kitten ran onto the field, and our own Tony Romo was there to make the call!
Remember Puss In Boots From Shrek? We Found His Twin!Shrek is hands down one of the greatest animated movies of all time. So good, it's a trilogy! It also gave us one of the best characters of all time...Puss in Boots!
Police Respond To Calls Of Cat In Tree That Appears To Be Holding Assault RiflePolice in Newport, Oregon responded to a panicked call from a resident who believed they saw a cat perched on a tree branch holding some sort of assault rifle.
Totally Normal Cabin For Sale, Definitely Not Covered In CatsSomewhere in Arizona, there was a realtor that said..."Challenge Accepted."
Cat Adorably Comforts A Crying HumanWho knew cats had souls!?!?!?
Famous Movie Scenes That Weren't In The ScriptSome of the most famous scenes in the movies, never appeared in the script. They are 100% ad-libbed. So good in fact, they were kept in the final cut of the film.
Denver Cat Missing Nine Months Pulled From Deep Hole in DallasHow… what… when? We don’t know the details but we do know thanks to a microchip, an orange tabby cat found in Highland Park will be returned to his Colorado owners.
High Rise Window Washer Toys With A Cat Through The GlassWith everything going on the world, some days it's just nice to sit down and watch a cat video.
Animal Shelter's Hilarious Commercial Going ViralThe FurKids animal shelter just wants you to get a new fur baby in their life. Goldfish are lame. Plants are boring and don't beg for treats. Well, the people over at FurKids have what people need.
Man Shaves Kittens And Sells Them As Purebred Hairless Cats In New ScamWhen Shayla Bastarche met the seller in a parking lot, she though that the could be the first sign something was amiss.
Jerky Dog Dunks Cat's Face In The SnowFinally, we have proof that dogs can be just as jerky as cats! We know, we know, it's incredibly hard to believe. Especially since we've seen video footage of a cat trapping a baby in a kitchen cabinet!
Evil Cat Trips Up Her Toddler HumanWhy, why, why do people love cats?

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