Pittsburgh Retail Shop Employs "Pet Ambassadors" To Help Shoppers Deal With Holiday Shopping StressIf you happen to go shopping at the Kiski Garden Center in Allegheny Township in Pittsburgh, be sure to say hello to Pete, and his counterpart, Sparkles.
Sorry, The Pic Of Donald Trump Rescuing 2 Cats In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey Is FakeWe have yet another fake photo that has surfaced from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. You may have seen a photograph floating around of the President of the Untied States carrying two scared cats through the flood waters of Houston.
The Evacuated Pets Of Hurricane Harvey Will Break Your HeartHurricane Harvey has been devastating to gulf coast. of course we've all been concerned with family and friends who live in the areas affect, but what about the pets?
Bring Your Cat to See The Frisco Roughriders This Weekend for "Take Meow to the Ballgame"Is this the purrfect idea or what?
What If Cats Said Mom Instead Of Meow?Pets are a lot like kids. They may not be able to voice the word "Mom," but their actions can be just as irritating.
An All Animal Cover Of Smash Mouth's "Allstar" Will Make Your DayWhat happens when you sync up weird animal noises with Smash Mouth's AllStar? To make a long story short, the perfect thing to get you through this Thursday!
Company Releases New Cologne That Smells Like Kitten Fur, And It's Called "Kitten Fur"Has there ever been a more perfect example of life imitating art? In the 2004 movie Anchorman, Brian Fantana introduces Ron Burgundy to a new cologne he wants to try called "Sex Panther."
Diabolic Cat Gets Caught Trying To Hack Into His Human's SmartphoneCats are ridiculously smart. If only they would harness their powers for good rather than evil!
Keeping Up With The Kardashians Has Been Replaced By Cats!What's better than Keeping Up With The Kardashians? How about Keeping Up With The Kattarshians!
According To New Survey Dog Lovers Are Blessed And Happy, Cat Lovers Are Sad And SingleFirst off, we are only reporting what this survey said. We love both cats and dogs and we want to adopt them all.
Laziest Cat Fight EVER!Some days you're just looking for a fight. Other days, it's not worth your time of effort. Apparently the same can be said for cats.
Adorable Kittens Recreate Classic Horror FilmsHalloween has never looked so adorable! Kittens are cute no matter what scenario you put them in, including some of the greatest classic horror films.

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