Twitter Officially Doubles Character Limit ; Users Now Have 280 Per TweetBy expanding the limit, Twitter hopes more people will start tweeting again, and aid the app in its less than desirable user growth.
Disney Teams Up With Lego For Their Latest Minifigure CollectionLegos just got a lot cooler! I know, I know, that's hard to imagine because they're already so much fun!
Homer Simpson Makes $51,000 A Year!!!Have you ever wondered what your favorite TV character makes in a year?
The LIVE Action Jungle Book Actors Pose With Their Animal CharactersThe LIVE action version of The Jungle Book is set to hit theaters on April 15th.
Bugs Bunny Knows How To Do The Whip!
A 40 Foot Inflatable Minion Stops Traffic!!!
David: Remembering The Characters We Lost
Disney Is So Sneaky! Did you know that Disney tends to put sneaky characters into most of its cartoon films.
5 Memorable Fictional Characters In Song LyricsThere's no rule that songwriters must write about themselves or even people they know. In fact, fictional character as song protagonist is a common trick. While the list is virtually endless, here are five of the most memorable fictional characters immortalized in music.

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