Nutella Is Changing Its Recipe, And Their Fans Are OUTRAGED!If you're planning on sending a special someone some flowers this holiday season, why not let them you know you really care about them with a Goatgram!
Taco Bell Testing KitKat QuesadillasThe food item is called "Chocoladillas" and costs $1 each.
This Tiny Wedding Cake Isn't Made Out Of ChocolateThings are not always as they appear.
Pink Chocolate Is A Thing & It's NaturalChocolate has a new addition to the family! Meet Ruby aka the new pink chocolate.
Study Shows Men Can Decrease Heart Problems With Consistent Chocolate ConsumptionAccording to research from Harvard University, two to six days a week of chocolate can do a heart good. If you’re a man.
Facebook As Addictive as Cigarettes and Chocolate, New Study SaysDid you find this story via Facebook? That’s not surprising.
Chocolate And Avocado Are Combined To Create This Latest Treat For All Your Basic NeedsThe world is obsessed with avocados right now.
Playboy Introduces World's First Bunny Costume Made Entirely Of ChocolateBritish model Penny Delbaugh modeled, as far as we know, the first Playboy bunny costume made entirely out of chocolate a few days ago.
Kit Kats Introduces New Flavors, Including One Of The World's Smelliest Fruit It's been compared to sulfur, rotten eggs, sweaty feet, and "decay."
Toblerone Fans Blame Brexit For The Triangle ChangeChange is the one constant in life. We can whine, moan, and drag our feet, but eventually everything changes.
Chocolate Covered Brussel Sprouts Are A Real Thing! Would You Eat Them?We have heard of some really weird food combinations before, but brussel sprouts covered in chocolate might be the most awkward ever.
Whataburger Or In n Out! Which One Is Better?Living in Texas we are huge fans of Whataburger, but people from California swear by In n Out. So which one is better?

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