Elderly Doctor Loses Medical License Because She Doesn't Know How To Use A ComputerDr. Anna Konopka keeps track of all of her patient's records with handwritten notes kept in a library of manilla folders.
Nerdy Fathers' Day Photo Goes Viral with Computer HumorA mom nailed it with a Father’s Day gift for her husband. The best part is the baby matching her father. For those savvy people who know their keyboard shortcuts, here’s a little computer humor for you.
U.S. Considering Banning Laptops On All Flights Into And Out Of The CountryU.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has indicated the U.S. is planning to "raise the bar" when it comes to protecting the country from potential security threats.
Half of High-Paying U.S. Jobs Now Require Computer CodingIt’s looking like the ability to read and write computer code is becoming nearly as important as the ability to read and write words in the English language.
Life Hack: How To Use Tongs To Clean Your BlindsEverybody loves a good life hack, right? Honestly, any shortcut that works...any chance to make life a little easier...we're in!
The DK-04 Standing Desk Doubles As A Computer TooUggggg! Why do people insist on trying to make us more productive at work? We don't want to work more! We want to work less!
Teens React To Windows 95It's been 21 years since Windows 95 came out. Even those of us old enough to remember it, don't remember it!
David: When The Home WiFi Is Out...You Get In Your Car Looking To Steal!
David: I Had To Break Up With Windows 10
Hackers Remotely Kill The Transmission Of A Jeep Cherokee On The Highway!!!
Woman Throws Out Rare Apple Computer Worth $200,000In Silicon Valley, a woman cleaned out her garage and found a rare, old Apple-1 computer belonging to her late husband.
Terminator Vision Is Happening!!!

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