Only In Texas Will You Find A Tent With An AC UnitWe really need a section of our website devoted to the category "Only in Texas."
These Celebrity Face Morphs Are Freaking Us OutIn the latest Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World, one of the big plot points involves the genetic splicing of dino DNA with other animals (and other dinosaurs) to create a powerful hybrid. And while this real world technology is not in practice (yet), one Photoshop artist is doing the next best thing, but with celebrity faces.
Actors Or Actresses That Make A Movie CoolThey don't usually get their names above the title, but they automatically make any movie they're in cool. Who is the coolest?
Video: 'Billie Jean' Performed By A One Man Ukulele Band
Coolest Parents Ever Recreate Movies With Cardboard Starring Infant Son
Video: 9 Putts Into One Hole
Rare John Lennon Letter To Eric Clapton Up For Auction
Behind The Scenes Photos From Your Favorite Movies And TV ShowsCheck out these behind the scenes photos from your favorite movies and tv shows.
New Survey Shows Women More Likely To Text "I Love You" Than MenAccording to a new survey, women are more likely to send longer messages and type out "I Love You" while texting then men.
Has The Definition Of "Cool" Changed?This just in: you may not be as cool as you think you are, but you may be way cooler. Find out here.
UT Dallas Researchers Look To Give Your Smartphone X-Ray Vison
Amazing 'Frame Of Mind' Video

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