Introducing The Christmas Pineapple!Just when you thought Halloween was the only holiday to feature a fruit, comes the Christmas pineapple.
No One Is More Excited About Christmas Than This Little Boy!Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas commercials are already all over TV. Stores have the decorations up and the Holiday stuff out, and people are already asking us when KLUV is going to go all Christmas music.
Neighbors Call Police After Resident Puts Up "Disturbing" Halloween Decoration EarlySome residents on Chuckey Pike in Greene County, Tennessee feel one of their neighbor's Halloween decorations was a bad picture "to paint for young children."
Australian Woman Finds Snake Hiding In Christmas Tree As TinselAn Australian woman was tending to her Christmas tree when she noticed a piece of tinsel she hadn't seen before.
See This Year's Gorgeous White House Christmas DisplaysEast Room, Blue Room, all around the house… the décor at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will take your frosted breath away!
Study Shows Christmas Decorations Will Be Up in July by 2120It’s called the Christmas Creep Calculator and you may find this creep-y. Based on current trends, they say that Christmas decor will be up before Halloween within the next five years. And if we live to the year 2120, we’ll see them up in July.
Halloween Decorations Have Some Folks Upset In KatyWhat would Halloween be without upsetting your neighbors because your decorations are amazingly gruesome? A house in Katy has done just that, offending neighbors and passersby with a "zombie baby" theme. There's a zombie mother looking over her zombie children as they bite and chew various body parts all while in their zombie baby crib.
Birthday Cake Decorated By An Autistic Employee Goes Viral
Well, Well, Well...It Looks Like KLUV Has Some Halloween Decorating Competition
Middle School Teacher Decorates Her Entire Classroom In Harry Potter!!!
A London Department Store Flips To Christmas & Before We Did!!!
David: Ten Signs You're Too Gung-Ho About Holidays

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