Elderly Doctor Loses Medical License Because She Doesn't Know How To Use A ComputerDr. Anna Konopka keeps track of all of her patient's records with handwritten notes kept in a library of manilla folders.
Woman Gives Birth On Halloween, Meanwhile Her Doctor Is Wearing A Joke CostumeHands down, the scariest portrayal of the Joker was Heath Ledger. Now as much as we love The Dark Knight, the last thing you want staring back at you in a hospital is the Joker.
Health Professionals Reporting Numerous Cases Where Patients Put Sunscreen In Eyeballs To Watch EclipseRather than purchase a pair of eclipse sunglasses or make a pinhole box to view last week's eclipse, a lot of geniuses opted to drown their eyes in sunscreen thinking it would produce a similar protective effect.
Garry Shandling Saw Doctor Day Before His DeathReports say that Garry Shandling was feeling bad on Wednesday and making plans to go to the ER Thursday afternoon.
Mark Zuckerberg Shares An Adorable Pic Of His Daughter At The DoctorMark Zuckerberg has gone all "proud dad" on us!
Boss Indirectly Saves McKinney Man's Life By Insisting On Seeing A DoctorThis touching story has gone national. Mike Bell went to work at a McKinney car dealership. His boss told him he looked bad and needed a doctor. Ends up he needed heart surgery -- immediately.
Debi Thomas, Olympic Skater and Surgeon, Is Unemployed and Living in Trailer
Jody: No Coffee For Me This Morning...I Have To Take The Stress Test
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: All I Know Is That Hannibal Lecter Eats People
Grip Strength May Predict Heart Attack, StrokeA simple, inexpensive tool may be more accurate in measuring heart health than monitoring blood pressure.
For Those Of You Who Have Trouble Sleeping, Try The 4-7-8 Method
Jenny Q: Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance, MoneyBe an RN, PA, MD, dentist or physical therapist and you’ll live happily ever after. Well… maybe!

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