Cards Against Humanity Bought Land To Prevent Trump From Building A Border WallWell that's one way to stop a wall from going up.
Want To Eat Breakfast With President Trump?That'll be $3 per raffle ticket.
After Trump Calls Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery A 10, Ex-Governor Tweets A Pic Of Doctors Operating By Cellphone LightLet's be clear, things are really bad in Puerto Rico. Hurricane recovery doesn't just happen overnight. However, there have been a lot of good people putting their private jets to work, not to mention the massive amounts of money that's been donated.
Vegas Survivor Shot In The Leg Was Determined To Stand Up To Meet The PresidentThomas Gunderson’s story has gone viral.
Brooke Shields Recalls When Donald Trump Asked Her OutCan you really blame the newly-single Trump for making a pass at the beautiful Brooke Shields?
Alec Baldwin Was Back ON SNL As Donald Trump, Discusses Puerto Rico & The NFLSaturday Night Live returned this weekend with Ryan Gosling and Jay-Z. And of course, the most anticipated part of the show had to be what they would do with the White House and hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.
Donald Trump Insults The Dallas Cowboys On Twitter, Backtracks 15 Minutes Later After Realizing They Stood For The AnthemDonald, Donald, Donald, it always helps to know what you're talking about before you take to Twitter.
Jared Kushner Has Been Using His Private Email For White House BusinessDuring the election, we were bombarded with talk Hilary's emails. No matter what the subject, for the Republican party, it always came back to this..."But what about her emails?"
Donald Trump Finally Responds To The EmmysWell, well, well, look who finally tweeted about the Emmys.
Sean Spicer Makes A Cameo At The Emmys To Announce That 2017 Pulled In The Largest Number Of Viewers EverPerhaps one of the biggest "fake news" or "alternative facts" stories of the many people were at Donald Trump's inauguration.
Sorry, The Pic Of Donald Trump Rescuing 2 Cats In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey Is FakeWe have yet another fake photo that has surfaced from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. You may have seen a photograph floating around of the President of the Untied States carrying two scared cats through the flood waters of Houston.
Kathy Griffin's Beheaded Trump Pic May Sell For 6 FiguresProof that there's a buyer for everything.

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