Where Is The Safest Place On Earth?Where is the safest place on Earth?
House-Sized Asteroid Will Fly By Earth, Just 27,000 Miles AwayOh Lord, October 12th could be our last day on Earth. A ginormous (space-term) asteroid is headed for Earth. Ok, ok, earth adjacent.
Rapper B.o.B. Started A GoFundMe Page To Prove That The Earth Is FlatJust last year, rapper B.o.B. and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson had an epic exchange via Twitter over whether or not the Earth is flat. Basic science tells us the Earth is in fact round. However, B.o.B. needs more proof.
Watch The Aurora Borealis From Space!The Aurora Borealis is one of those natural phenomena that shows the beauty of the Earth.
Watch Earth's Real Time Wind Patterns & Ocean Currents With This MapHas this summer's wild weather got you fascinated by the science behind it? Spend some time with this timewaster.
Archibald MacLeish's Thoughts On Space From 1968 Still Apply To TodayIn 1968, the human race finally left earth orbit and headed into space. It was Apollo 8, the first manned trip to leave earth's orbit, sent to the moon to practice the maneuvers that would land Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface just one year later.
An Asteroid Is Flying By Earth TodayWednesday, April 19th, around 7:30AM...this could be our last moments on Earth together since there's an asteroid headed right for us! Ok, probably not, but we are getting a flyby.
NASA Has Been LIVE Streaming Earth For 4 MonthsIf you can't go into outer space, the next best thing is to watch the LIVE stream on YouTube.
NASA Says July 2016 Is The Hottest Month In Recorded In Earth's HistoryIf you thought July was the hotter than hell...you were right!
Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire Announce Fall Tour DatesThe run kicks off on October 19th in Rochester, NY.
What Would Happen To Earth If There Were No Humans?Human beings are at the top of the food chain. We have complete dominion over the Earth.
What Happens When You Send A GoPro Into Space?We live in the age of GoPro. Anyone and everyone, at some point, will attach a GoPro to something, whether is be your dog, cat, or a rocket.

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