Is It Ok To Use Emojis In Work Emails?Ready for a poll question? Here you go.
If Netflix Sends You An Email Threatening To Suspend Your Account, Delete ItIf you get an email from Netflix threatening to suspend your account over billing information...DO NOT REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a scam.
Steve Harvey Explains His Leaked List Of Demands: "I Just Didn't Want To Be In This Prison Anymore"Yesterday, an email Steve Harvey sent to his staff, explaining his unusual list of demands and requests of his employees, was leaked to the internet.
Don't Open That Google Doc & Here's What To Do If You DidGoogle Docs is currently at the center of an email scam.
8 Reasons Why Your Coworkers Hate Your EmailsWho knew office emailing had so many unwritten rules? Write to little and you annoy your coworkers. Write too much and you annoy your coworkers. CC your boss and you're the most hated person in the office!
Things You Should Never Do First Thing in the MorningOops, I hit snooze just a few hours ago. I know better!
If You Want Something Done, Ask Face-to-Face Instead of EmailWarning: this suggestion requires human interaction.
Donald Trump's Latest Anti-Hillary Campaign Is Like Ms. Pac-Man But Features The Email ScandalDonald Trump is back in the news. No, it's not for yelling at babies. He just unleashed a new attack ad on Hillary Clinton.
Starbucks Is Coming To An Inbox Near YouCoffee freaks rejoice! Or coffee chain anarchists gets your pens ready for a petition. Starbucks is invading your email!
Here Are The 8 Companies That Spam Us the MostIs it ‘spam’ if you’ve signed-up for their mailing list, but didn’t expect 40 emails a week??
Avoid An Email Fail With Gmail's 'Undo Send'
Study: Men Email Differently Than WomenI'm surprised the differences are so slight, considering that we are different species.

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