Italian Scientists Report Patient That Sweats Blood!So yeah, sweating blood is a real thing.
Remember Puss In Boots From Shrek? We Found His Twin!Shrek is hands down one of the greatest animated movies of all time. So good, it's a trilogy! It also gave us one of the best characters of all time...Puss in Boots!
The World's Longest Eyelashes Measure Almost Five Inches In Length!You Jianxia of Shanghai, China first discovered her notable eyelashes during an :eighteen-month nature retreat she embarked on in 2013."
Florida Man Diving For Golf Balls Escapes Alligator Attack After Punching It In The FaceSince retiring from the military in 1988, Scott Lahodik has made a career out of diving for golf balls.  He feels like his diving days are over though, after his most recent venture resulted in 400 stitches and staples in his arm.
Paris Jackson Honors Her Dad With A New TattooTattoos have become an increasingly popular way to honor our loved ones. For those who have passed on before us, tattooing is a way to keep them with us forever.
Cabbage Patch Kids Just Got A Little More Terrifying!Let's be honest, the Cabbage Patch doll has always been a bit creepy. Those teeny-tiny, beady, eyes on top of those giant chubby cheeks. Not to mention, they were born in a patch! For whatever reason though, kids love these things.
Amy Schumer Thanks Her Make-up Artist During Emmy's SpeechAmy Schumer is having a heck of a year!
Contact Lenses With A Zoom Feature
Terminator Vision Is Happening!!!
Jody's Pick Of The Day - The Terror In Her EyesCheck out this awesomely funny video!!!
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