Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Wife Began Hitting Husband After Discovering Affair Mid-FlightAn outraged wife causing a Qatar Airways flight to make an emergency landing in India after she refused to cease hitting her husband while sitting on the plane.
Southwest Airlines Celebrates Their First "Unmanned" Flight Featuring An All-Female CrewOut of 584,362 total pilots, 39,187 were reportedly women according to data collected from the Federal Aviation Administration in 2016.  
Women Who Underwent Massive Plastic Surgery Denied Entry To Flight Because They Looked Nothing Like Their PassportsThree Chinese women traveled to South Korea during China's national holiday "Golden Week" to undergo some plastic surgery.
Someone Drew A Texas Longhorn Over Texas Mid FlightFlightAware is the world’s largest flight tracking data company. Basically it's the Google Maps of aviation.
This Poor Woman Had To Deal With A Stranger's Feet In FlightWe're just going to say it, DON'T take your shoes off on an airplane. It's just plain rude! Nobody wants your feet near them, especially without a shoe. We don't care if they smell like roses or chocolates or puppies...DO NOT TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF IN FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOAA Hurricane Hunters Posted An Insane Video While Flying Through The Eye Of Hurricane IrmaBesides being in a hurricane, it doesn't get much more "up close and personal" than this. If you want to know what people in the path of Irma are feeling, this is a good idea of what's happening.
ACT FAST: Southwest Airlines Selling Premium Seats to See Solar EclipseIf you have too much money and too many vacation days, this deal is for you! Southwest Airlines is selling premium seats to give flyers a front row view of the upcoming solar eclipse.
Lost Teddy Bear Found At Love FieldThe Teddy Bear has been found!
Woman Documents "Nightmare Airplane Passenger" After She Rests Her Feet On The ArmrestJessie Char was traveling on a flight from when she came face to face...or rather face to feet with every plane traveler's worst nightmare.
Man Checks Single Can Of Beer As Luggage On FlightA man only identified as Dean thought he and his buddy would try a little experiment when traveling from Melbourne to Perth.
Houston Bound Flight Diverts, After Woman Tries to Open the Cabin Door Mid FlightSouthwest flight from LA to Houston made an emergency stop in Corpus Christi.
Pilot Asks Passengers Before Takeoff If He Should Fly Plane With Faulty EngineAn easyJet flight from Malaga to Bristol had already been delayed 36 hours when the pilot took to the intercom to ask his passengers a question.

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