Woman Arrested After Swapping Barcodes And Paying $3.70 For $2,000 Worth Of Electronics At Florida WalmartCheyenne Amber West and another woman entered a Walmart store in Florida where they headed straight to the electronics department.
Florida Orchestra Recreates GEICO's Triangle Solo CommercialGeico has long been known for doing incredibly funny commercials. They came up with a talking gecko. They did the caveman sketches. There’s the one with the doctors in the operating room playing Operation.
Cowboys Bet Between Husband And Wife Ends Poorly, Sets Jersey On Fire While Wearing ItA Florida man was rushed to the hospital after suffering third-degree burns.
Texas A&M Will Host 5 Former Presidents For Hurricane Relief ConcertThe dream team is back together again.
Man In ER Won't Wait and Calls 9-1-1 For Ambulance in "Florida: The Second Chance State" - Take 56On Sept. 2, 35-year-old Vanderick Williams was at a Tallahassee FL emergency room, pacing the floor, tired of waiting...
Florida Officials Under Fire After Sign Language Interpreter Warns Potential Irma Victims Of "Bears," And "Monsters"Specifically, one of the phrases the interpreter used was, "help you at that time to use bear big."
Just A Nun With A Chainsaw, Helping Out After Hurricane IrmaWe've seen a lot of remarkable images out of the Texas Gulf Coast and south Florida, but a nun with a chainsaw? That's a first.
Meet The Couple Married For 75 Years Who Both Share A Name With Devastating Hurricanes Harvey And IrmaHarvey and Irma Schluter have been married for 75 years.
UPDATE: Tiger Woods Attorney Strikes Deal in DUI Case - Arranges DUI Education ProgramTiger is looking at (3) misdemeanor counts (DUI, reckless driving and improper stopping)
Need A House? How About One Currently Floating in The Gulf Of Mexico?... this past Wednesday, the U.S. Coast Guard came across a tiny house (or floating dock), painted with a blond, blue-tailed mermaid, that seems to have drifted from Florida to south of Louisiana. 
Avoid Florida, Lake Apopka Is Infested With GatorsLake Apopka is the third-largest lake in Florida, and sits about 15 miles outside of Orlando. And while alligators are a common site in that part of the state, even locals took notice of this: dozens of the beasts swimming the surface of a little pond off the main part of the water.
Florida Man Diving For Golf Balls Escapes Alligator Attack After Punching It In The FaceSince retiring from the military in 1988, Scott Lahodik has made a career out of diving for golf balls.  He feels like his diving days are over though, after his most recent venture resulted in 400 stitches and staples in his arm.

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