Check Out The First Pic Of A Very Bald Chip GainesOMG! He did it! He actually buzzed his head!
New Conspiracy Theory Claims Melania Trump Has A White House Body DoubleWho doesn't love a good conspiracy theory???
The World's Longest Eyelashes Measure Almost Five Inches In Length!You Jianxia of Shanghai, China first discovered her notable eyelashes during an :eighteen-month nature retreat she embarked on in 2013."
Zayn Malik Is Completely Bald!Ok, so we already knew Zayn Malik was bald, right? He took the clippers to his head weeks ago with a nice little buzz cut. However, the plot thickens.
Hair Swap! Featuring Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un!It's an epic battle between the two worst haircuts in the world. Donald Trump VS Kim Jong-Un!
Steve Carell Has Gone Gray & It's HOT!!!!Hey, hey, hey! Steve Carell is looking hotter than ever at 54-years-old.
Possible Bigfoot Prints Found In Round Rock, TexasDo you believe Bigfoot exists?
Jimmy Fallon On His Trump Interview, "I Was Just Trying To Have Fun"Last year, Jimmy Fallon snagged the interview of a lifetime with Donald Trump. When the comedian turned late night host failed to ask him the hard-hitting political questions and instead messed up his hair, some of his fans turned on him.
"Pearl Hair" Is The Latest Whimsical Hair Dye Trend On InstagramGet out the way unicorns, Pearl Hair is the latest Instagram beauty trend and it looks AWESOME!
People Are Now Dyeing Their Hair To Match The Colors In The Unicorn FrappuccinoYou can't go anywhere without seeing some sort of mention of Starbucks' wildly popular Unicorn Frappucino. And now, the craze has started to enter our hair salons.
This Is Why You Should NEVER Cut Your Own HairThere are very few people in this world who should cut their own hair. Those of you who like the buzz cut look and those of you who are salon professionals.
Woman Caught Putting Own Hair In Food And Refusing To Pay For MealA Brisbane restaurant is fighting to clear their reputation after a woman refused to pay for her meal and threatened to write a bad review on Trip Advisor after she found a hair in her food.

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