Here Are 7 Signs That Prove You Might Be Working Too HardWe live in a society that prides itself on those who work hard.
Should We Shower at Night Or In The Morning?The website asks a question we’ve all no-doubt wrestled with… to start or end the day with a shower.
More People Having Massages To Improve HealthTaking into consideration my 70-80 hour work week, and my doctor's recent suggestion to lower my blood pressure, I plan to do just that!
Study Shows Complimenting Others Makes You Feel BetterThe suggestion is simple, but it must be authentic.
The Many Ways Beer is Good For Your HealthHave you noticed there’s a regular study showing the benefits of moderate beer intake?
Smelling Food Can Cause You To Gain Weight!Nothing is sacred anymore, apparently.  
What Do Men Do That Turn Women Off The Most?We're constantly told the things that women should or shouldn't do in order to find the man of their dreams, but it's about time we flip the script.  
People Are Adding Collagen To Their Coffee To Look YoungerWellness bloggers are adding collagen powder to their morning coffee for younger looking skin – and say they’re getting great results. (For men, too, of course)
More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or ObeseStartling stats in a new study show the world is getting fatter and the U.S. leads the pack.
Study Shows Eating French Fries Extremely Hazardous to Your HealthNext time you’re asked, “Would you like fries with that?” - think about this.
Starbucks New Unicorn Frappuccino Nearly Double Your Daily Sugar AllowanceThe Unicorn Frappuccino comes standard with whole milk and whipped cream, so right off the bat we're enjoying all that calorie goodness.
The Best Foods For Your BrainHave you heard of the Mind Diet?

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