Newspaper's Front Page Blunder Goes ViralWhat a day the editor of this newspaper is having! Cambridge News delivered their daily newspaper, but some noticed something different about the front page. A headline was there, but the subject was missing. How could that be, you ask? Take a look for yourself.
In An Attempt To Go Viral, Girl Lets Her Friend Slap Her In The Face Every DaySo we've seen a lot of videos over the years go viral, and for the most part it tends to make sense why it went viral.
This Dog Maternity Photo Shoot Will Brighten Your DayCurrently caring for a pregnant canine? Why not have a full blown maternity photo shoot?
Nerdy Fathers' Day Photo Goes Viral with Computer HumorA mom nailed it with a Father’s Day gift for her husband. The best part is the baby matching her father. For those savvy people who know their keyboard shortcuts, here’s a little computer humor for you.
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: John Cleese Says Political Correctness In College Is Killing HumorI’m now sporting a record of 480-11. Today features me (Rebekah) VS Paula!
VIDEO: Guy Pretends To Have Won An Oscar And Has Best Night EverHave you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an award winning celebrity? Well one man found out exactly what it feels like by carrying around a fake Oscar.
Video: Rat Stuck On Escalator
Video: NFL Hall Of Famer Falls Off Stage During Live Broadcast
15 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother
Video: Dirk Does His Best GEICO Impersonation
Video: What Would Happen If A Football Coach Coached Football?
How Do You Make A Viral Video?

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