Carnival Is NOT Offering Up Free Cruises For Hurricane Harvey & Irma Victims, It's A Terrible Facebook PrankWhat a sick ans twisted sense of humor! There has be something seriously wrong with you to go after hurricane victims.
Florida Officials Under Fire After Sign Language Interpreter Warns Potential Irma Victims Of "Bears," And "Monsters"Specifically, one of the phrases the interpreter used was, "help you at that time to use bear big."
Photos Of What Disney World Looks Like After Hurricane IrmaGuests at the famous Disney World theme park have been posting pictures of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.
Jimmy Johnson Describes His Miami House as "Napalmed" By Hurricane IrmaThe former Cowboys coach says he “about threw up” when he saw photos of his property.
VIDEO: Georgia Driver Slams Into Tree That Falls From Hurricane Irma
'Hand in Hand' Telethon Raises $44 Million for Hurricane ReliefLast night's benefit aired on dozens of networks and streaming services and recruited the world's biggest stars to raise money.
Meet The Couple Married For 75 Years Who Both Share A Name With Devastating Hurricanes Harvey And IrmaHarvey and Irma Schluter have been married for 75 years.
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Damage Estimated In The BillionsHurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are reportedly the 1st pair of Category 4 or higher storms to hit the U.S. mainland in the same season
Florida Sheriff Encourages Residents NOT To Shoot Hurricane Irma, "You Won't Turn It Around."22-year-old Ryan Edwards set up a pretty hilarious Facebook event in order to combat the onslaught of the upcoming Hurricane Irma.
Kristen Bell Is The Real Hero Of Hurricane Irma, Entertaining Senior Citizens In Her Orlando HotelActress Kristen Bell has been keeping herself busy during Hurricane Irma. Aside from being stuck in Orlando in the middle of a hurricane, she's making the most of her time there.
A Collection Of Idiots During Hurricane IrmaIrma might be the most videoed event in history.
American Airlines Cancels Approx. 2000 Flights Due To Hurricane IrmaAs of last night, American Airlines cancelled the following number of flights...

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