New App Shows Which McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are Working Before You Visit ThemAround a year ago, Raina McLeod got a craving for a late night Oreo McFlurry.  Unfortunately, her craving went unsatisfied, as her local McDonald's ice cream machine was broken.
Blue Bell's Christmas Cookies Is On Store Shelves Right Now!Just last week Blue Bell announced their peppermint and peppermint bark were back on the store shelves. Of course these two flavors are a staple of Christmas.
Blue Bell Is Bringing Back Their Holiday FlavorsSlowly but surely, Blue Bell is making a comeback after the listeria incident. In fact, their almost back to their full lineup of flavors. Even the holiday flavors are making their way back to store shelves!
These Soft Serve Ice Cream Skills Are MesmerizingThe best part of a vanilla cone is when your server nails the squiggle loop at the top of your soft serve. Unfortunately, when it's self serve, it's impossible to recreate that look. More than likely your ice cream ends up look like the leaning tower of Pisa.
Elderly Man Spoon Feeding His Wife Ice Cream Is The Definition Of LoveA picture is worth a thousand words.
The Weirdest Food Combination Of The Day Belongs To Lobster Ice CreamLobster is great.  Ice Cream is amazing.  With both, you're setting yourself for a pretty amazing meal.  That is of course, you decided to combine the two into one dish.  Doesn't sound so amazing, now.
Blue Bell Ice Cream Brings Back Cookie Two Step!Blue Bell fans stand up and rejoice because Cookie Two Step is back!
Galaxy Donuts Are Finally Here and You Can Get Them at This Dallas BakeryYou can get galaxy AND unicorn donuts here!
Former VP Joe Biden is Finally Getting His Own Ice Cream FlavorIt finally happened. Joe Biden, or should we say President of Ice Cream finally has his own flavor. There's no surprise here, Biden loves his ice cream. A flood of pictures and memes of him enjoying a cone are out there and they're great. The new flavor comes as courtesy of the Cornell Dairy Processing Plant and is the idea of university senior Molly Mandel.
Would You Try Charcoal-Colored Ice Cream?
Would You Eat Black Ice Cream?Black ice cream. Honestly, we're having trouble wrapping our brains around the idea. Food shouldn't be black, right? Right.
What's Better? $1 Ice Cream VS $1,000 Ice CreamThese Buzzfeed videos are super hot. They get millions of views in just a few hours. What they do is taste test different foods at different price points.

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