Whataburger Customer Gives The Big Middle Chicken Finger To In-N-OutDISCLAIMER: We just have to clarify, in no way is the following picture affiliated with Whataburger's feelings toward In-N-Out.
In-N-Out Named Texas' Favorite Fast Food ChainIn Texas, it is Whataburger and everything else (Chick-Fil-A is right there too). At least that was until today when In-N-Out Burger was dubbed the Lone Star State's favorite Fast Food Chain. According to a deeply flawed study from Business Insider the California based burger joint is the favorite for Texans.
Five Guys Just Beat In-N-Out As America's Favorite Burger ChainAre we sure they asked any Texans this question?
Americans Have Decided Their Favorite Fast Food ChainsMarket Force Information tabulated responses from over 11,000 people to create "a composite loyalty index that measures satisfaction with the food quality, service, value and restaurant experience, among other things."
Whataburger Or In n Out! Which One Is Better?Living in Texas we are huge fans of Whataburger, but people from California swear by In n Out. So which one is better?
The Life Changing Starbucks Secret MenuWe've all heard of those "secret menus" at restaurants around the country. Our favorite of course being In 'N Out Burger's. (We'll take a double double animal style no pickles please.) Well we just found out about one that we had no idea about. We knew you could what you wanted at Starbucks. Get your coffee "skinny" (sugar free syrup and fat free milk), or add an extra shot of espresso, but we had no idea about this secret menu.

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