Twitter Officially Doubles Character Limit ; Users Now Have 280 Per TweetBy expanding the limit, Twitter hopes more people will start tweeting again, and aid the app in its less than desirable user growth.
Internet Gives Alan Sealls The "Best Weatherman EVER" Award, His Station Responds With An Appropriate TrophyIn the midst of Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia it's hard to find a bright spot. However, the internets accepted the challenge and found the greatest weatherman on Earth!
These 17 Google Easter Eggs Are Perfect For Those Times You're Bored At The Office!We understand those times when you're sitting at your desk just watching the clock tick down.  Maybe it's just after lunch and you're too full to get anything accomplished, or maybe you're done your work for the day, and are looking to spend a few minutes relaxing.
Bed Sheet Debate: Flat or Fitted?Here’s a diversion from all the plagues us today. The latest debate taking over social media involves bed sheets.
Can You Do Twitter's Weird Finger Challenge?It's time for another weird internet challenge. Pop your knuckles and shake out your hands, things are about to get intense.
Check Out Our Favorite Net Neutrality MemesWednesday, July 12th several websites purposefully slowed down their sites in an effort to save Net Neutrality.
Kid Asks The Neighbor For The Wifi Password Since Mom Took Away The Internet For The SummerThe internet is a vital part of life. We use it every day. It's hard to imagine a day, a week, the entire summer without the worldwide web!
Internet Responds To White Supremacist Richard Spender Getting Punched In The FaceRichard Spencer, an advocate, and creator of the term alt-right, and president of the National Policy Institute found himself in the middle of Washington D.C. during the protests.
Wendy Williams And Blac Chyna Had The Best Internet Fight EVER! WOW!This is the stuff legends are made of! WOW!
Are These Legs Painted Or Just Really Shiny?The latest internet debate has people wondering if this woman's legs are painted, or just really shiny. People are freaking out. What do you think?
Richard Dreyfuss Corrects Internet Users on Which Dreyfuss HeActor Richard Dreyfuss went on Twitter last night after the Emmy Awards to confirm that (a) he is not dead and that (b) he is not Julia Louis-Dreyfus' father.
25 Years Ago Today We Got The World Wide Web!We could access the world wide web 25 years ago TODAY!

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