According To Trend Data, We'll Be Talking About Christmas In July In The Year 2120It looks like we're closer to talking about Christmas in July than you might think!
96 Degree Texas Heat Is Still Hot Enough For A Coke Can To Explode In Your CarSo far, this summer hasn't exactly been hot. We've barely broken 100 degree weather here in DFW. In fact, it seems like it's rained more in July than it has the entire year.
Study Shows Christmas Decorations Will Be Up in July by 2120It’s called the Christmas Creep Calculator and you may find this creep-y. Based on current trends, they say that Christmas decor will be up before Halloween within the next five years. And if we live to the year 2120, we’ll see them up in July.
NASA Says July 2016 Is The Hottest Month In Recorded In Earth's HistoryIf you thought July was the hotter than were right!
Why Is July's Full Moon Called The Buck Moon?If you weren't able to stay up late last night to enjoy the Buck Moon, you're in luck. It will be shining bright tonight too!
Netflix: Here's What's Coming (And Going) In JulyIf you're a fan of couch potato-ing with some popcorn and Netflix, you're not going to want to leave your seat next month.
Netflix Streaming In July: What Is Coming And What Is GoingAs the month draws to a close, every Netflix subscriber starts to get a little nervous, and not for the upcoming bill; it's that time when Netflix starts removing titles from its streaming library.
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Betty White Is A Cougar!!! Raaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!

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