Former President Obama Reports For Jury Duty SelectionIf Obama is selected, Cook County will make sure he's paid $17.20 per day
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Rihanna & Drake Finally Went On A Date!!!I'm now sporting a record of 615-12. Today features me (Rebekah) VS Russ!
Taylor Swift: Jury Duty?This morning, Taylor Swift was one of 3o potential jurors for a Tennessee criminal case
Robert Downey Jr. Is On Jury Duty!What would it be like to do jury duty... with Robert Downey Jr.?
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Donald Trump Does His Own Hair!
George W. Bush Shows Up For Jury Duty!!!
The Worst Part Of Jury Duty...Wearing Long Pants All Day! I missed work yesterday, because I went to law school. Tuesday, I got called to jury duty in the Collin County Courthouse. Now, that whole notion that lawyers don’t even want you in the building if you’re in the media…TOTALLY not true.
Kathy's Jury Duty Experience & Your Morning Links!If it came out of Jody’s mouth, we’re frantically trying to add it here! We’re updating this page constantly throughout the morning, so refresh often! We have a few things going on this morning…
Suing Over A Ruptured Breast ImplantStories from around the globe or as we like to call it…Notes from the News!
They Walk Among Us
Movie Review: Conspirator

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