Dad's Cat-Like Reflexes Prevents Baby From FallingIt's impossible to baby proof the world. That's why kids have to rely on mom and dad's insanely quick reflexes.
This Kid Is NOT A Fan Of Christmas Carols Before ThanksgivingChristmas love or Christmas before Thanksgiving hate? Each side deserves equal time, right?
Kid Falls, Wind Promptly Blows Away All Of His HomeworkWe've all been this kid. Just going along through life when you suddenly trip, and everything in your hands goes flying.
When Your Photographer Manages To Snap A Family Pic Mid Kid FallEvery parent has experienced that moment where your kiddo is falling and there's just nothing you can do about it. It all happens in slow motion, but you can't move. Your frozen in time as the fall play out right in front of your face.
Kid Swallows A Dog SqueakerKids will put anything and everything in their mouth or up their nose. It's science.
The Kid From "IT" Showed Up To A Movie Screening Dressed Like The Kid From "IT"Dear Lord in heaven! Georgie is the worst! Not just Georgie, but the actor who plays Georgie in the new "IT" film is kind of a jerk.
Jerky Kid Responds To Reporter "Wouldn't You Like To Know Weather Boy"Not all kids are jerks, but occasionally one slips through the cracks.
Kid Loses His Recorder; Teacher Makes Him Perform AnywayWhat lesson was she trying to teach this kid?
Mom Upset Over The Way TSA Treated Her Son At DFW AirportAnother incident involving the TSA, and this one has gone super viral.
Little Boy Gets Stuck In A Toy Vending MachineAnother kid stuck in a toy machine. C'mon. This stuff never gets old.
Kid Crashes The Weather Forecast, It's Going To Be Cloudy With Farts & TootsKids should always do the late night weather forecast on TV!!!
5-Year-Old Creates A Hands-Free iPad Device With The Help Of A Glass TableIf you think about, there's no real easy way to watch your iPad or phone while laying down. Yes, they make stands to prop up your devices, but you really can't lay on your back to watch.

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