Lego Unveils New Set Dedicated To The Women Of NASAInspired by the film Hidden Figures, Lego unveiled their latest addition to their catalogue, a set entirely dedicated to the Women of NASA.
Mmmmm, This Lego Breakfast Looks DeliciousNow, these are a couple of guys with way too much time on their hands.
Big Brother Makes A Potty Training Trophy Out Of Legos For His Little BrotherPotty training has to be one of the most trying times for a parent. It takes time, it takes patience, and a whole lot of bribes!
Sink Your Teeth Into This Lego Wedding CakeThe days of the plain white wedding cake are long gone. In this day and age, the cool thing to do is make your cake personal. Why should the groom get to have all the fun with their cake?
Adorable Abandoned Paralyzed Kitten Gets Lego WheelchairThey even give him daily kitty aquatic physical therapy!
Knocking Down A Lego City Looks Like A Movie In Slow MotionWho says Legos are just for kids?
Designer Creates The World's First Dress Made Entirely Of Legos (Photos)At this past San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Rebels voice actress Ashley Eckstein unveiled the world's first couture gown made entirely out of Legos. Renowned Lego artist Nathan Sawaya crafted Eckstein the sleeveless dress, which has 10,000 bricks and features her character's profile on it.
Disney Teams Up With Lego For Their Latest Minifigure CollectionLegos just got a lot cooler! I know, I know, that's hard to imagine because they're already so much fun!
Check Out This Alternate Ending To Star Wars: The Force Awakens!Star Wars The Force Awakens is one of the biggest films of all time. But have you ever thought about an alternate ending?
Finally! Someone’s Invented ‘Lego Slippers’ To Protect Our Feet from LegosAwesome. These bright red & yellow Legos slippers are also interchangeable between right and left feet, but is there REALLY enough padding to protect us from the dreaded stray lego with it’s bone-cutting corners?? Apparently, yes.
Jurassic World...Summed Up In 90 Seconds & With Legos!
The Top 3 Best Gadgets To Keep Your Kiddos Entertained This Summer!

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