25 Happiest Cities in America; Only 1 In TexasBeing close to water helps! Only one Texas area makes the cut.
The Top 33 BBQ Joints In The U.S.Here we go again…something else to argue about, especially when it comes to barbecue. Blame Thrillist for this one.
The Top 10 Social Media SinsDo you have any friends or family members who commit social media sins? Perhaps you're guilty of a few of these offenses? If you've noticed a recent decline in Facebook friends, it moight be a good idea to look over this list.
Dallas' Own Cattleack BBQ Listed As No. 3 In Texas Monthly Best Barbecue JointsIn a new list from Texas Monthly, Dallas BBQ joint Cattleack broke into the top 10.
Things We Dealt With 15 Years Ago That Kids Just Won't UnderstandBuzzfeed put together a great list of almost 30 things those 14 or younger may not realize WE had to deal with back in the "good ol' days."
Here's 5 Things To Do For Cinco De Mayo In Dallas
Survey: Dallas is No. 8 on List of America's Rudest Cities8th Annual survey from Travel and Leisure’s survey which ranks friendliest cities and rudest cities in America. The survey included lifestyle and culture questions, with over 50,000 votes ranked the citites. By the way, Fort Worth did make the list too but it showed up in the Friendly survey. Fort Worth ranked No. 7 in America Friendliest City. San Antonio topped the list at No. 1, followed by Houston at No. 2.
Here Are 20 Celebrities You May Not Know Are Sex AddictsSex Addiction might be a real disease, but it's connotation denotes it just as an excuse for people to have as much sex as they want without repercussions or consequences.
Here's A Checklist Of Things You Must Do To Be A True DallasiteThrillist put together a fun little list of benchmark activities that they say you have to do before you're considered a true Dallasite.
According To Google Texans Really Care About Miranda LambertHer divorce, that is.
The Latest Trend In Baby Names...Instagram
The Happiest State in America Also Has the Shortest Work HoursWe see a lot of studies that try to rank the happiest and least happy states in America, but this one's pretty comprehensive . . .

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