No One Is More Excited About Christmas Than This Little Boy!Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas commercials are already all over TV. Stores have the decorations up and the Holiday stuff out, and people are already asking us when KLUV is going to go all Christmas music.
10-Year-Old Boy Thrown From Water Slide On Opening DayThis is not how the owners of a water park in California wanted opening weekend to go.
Kid Cracks Dad's iPod Screen & Immediately Tries To Cover It UpKids these days. They're smart, they're funny, and they're sneaky as heck!
Mom Upset Over The Way TSA Treated Her Son At DFW AirportAnother incident involving the TSA, and this one has gone super viral.
8-Year-Old Boy Saves His Dad, Who Was Crushed Under A CarEver hear one of those stories about a grandmother lifting a car to save a child's life? Got another one for you.
Dad Offers Up $20 To His Little Boy To Sneak Up On A 1,300 Pound SteerIn general, it's probably not a good idea to sneak up on a steer. Even allow your child to sneak up on a 1,300 pound steer!
Little Boy Throws The Sweetest Funeral For His TurtleIt's never easy to lose a pet. Especially when you are a kid.
Terminally Ill Child Dies In Santa's ArmsIt's the Santa Claus story that's going super-viral.
WWII Vet & 3-Year-Old Boy's Friendship Comes To A Sad EndThey were neighbors, this little boy and old man - and their story captivated the Internet.
A Boy & His TaunTaun Is The Perfect Children's Halloween CostumeIf you need an idea for your child's Halloween costume, this one is a winner.
Little Boy Gets Impatient With The Pastor & Baptizes HimselfSunday was a big day. Terence Warrick's son was getting baptized.
Mom Is Overjoyed When Her Autistic Toddler Falls In Love With Snow WhiteKLUV has been fortunate enough to work with Disney for years. They are quite honestly the best company around...from the people in management right down to the characters at each and every part.

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