Fake Joel Osteen Trolls Real Joel Osteen EventWhat do you do when you look like the famous pastor Joel Osteen? Easy answer! You troll Joel Osteen fans at a Joel Osteen event.
This Dog Looks Exactly Like Shameless Star William H. MacyApparently this week is the week for celebrity doppelgangers in the form of animals.
Meet Emma Watson's Doppelganger!If they ever make another Harry Potter movie and Emma Watson declines the role, this mom could totally fill in. AND we would never know the difference!
The Video Of A Little Girl Calling Trump A "Disgrace" Is FakeOn Monday, a video of a little girl calling Donald Trump a "disgrace to the world" went viral. In fact, you probably saw it on everyone's newsfeed. You may have even shared it.
The Internet Thinks Patrick Stewart In Drag Looks Like Kellyanne ConwayAbout a year ago, Patrick Stewart dressed in drag to promote his TV show, Blunt Talk. He even asked th audience who they thought he looked like. Some threw out Cate Blanchett, others said Helen Mirren.
Adele Brought Her Drag Queen Look-A-Like On StageDJ Feminem's day job is impersonating Adele. While she may sing in front of hundreds, even thousands on a daily basis, nothing will ever compare to getting pulled up on stage by Adele!!!
OMG! Troy Aikman & Jay Z. Could Be TwinsWarning. The image you are about to see will blow your mind.
Ted Cruz Was A Guest On The Maury Povich Show!Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has a lot of doppelgangers wandering around.
Worst Dad Ever Sends His Doppelganger To Take The Paternity Test!
They Walk Among UsA collection of stupid people and their stupid stories...

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