Kick Off The Holidays With An Ugly Christmas Romper!Move over ugly Christmas sweaters! There's a new kid in town...the ugly Christmas men's romper!
More Men Are "Marrying Up" Than WomenA new study finds it’s easier for men to “marry up” than it used to be.
Guys Who Eat Fruit and Veggies Smell BETTER!Guys who eat too many carbs, including bread and pasta...
'Twilight' Star Kristen Stewart Opens Up On Fame, Love and Men'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart is revealing more about her love life and sexuality...
Men Are Grocery Shopping More Than Ever BeforeData from the survey also shows almost 66% of guys...
25 Instant Turnoffs For Women On Men's Dating ProfilesHow do you write the perfect dating profile?  Is there even such a thing?
Women Pack For Vacation Earlier Than MenA new survey has found that men rush around at the last minute to pack before vacation – while women are more organized.
Having Sex Helps Prevent Heart Disease In MenApparently one of the best heart disease prevention methods for men is a regular sex life. 
What Do Men Do That Turn Women Off The Most?We're constantly told the things that women should or shouldn't do in order to find the man of their dreams, but it's about time we flip the script.  
Marriage Makes Men Gain WeightAccording to a new study, marriage makes men gain weight.
Study Shows Men Can Decrease Heart Problems With Consistent Chocolate ConsumptionAccording to research from Harvard University, two to six days a week of chocolate can do a heart good. If you’re a man.
Texas Representative Jessica Farrar Takes Aim At "A Woman's Right To Know" Booklet, Proposes Rectal Exams For Viagra PrescriptionsIn 2011, Texas passed a law that requires women to have a sonogram and hear a detailed description of the fetus before getting an abortion. The details are outlined in a booklet called, "A Woman's Right To Know."

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