O.J. Simpson Kicked Out and BANNED From Las Vegas HotelSince O.J. Simpson's release from prison, he has been living in the Las Vegas area and visiting bars at the Cosmopolitan Hotel
O.J. Simpson Out Of PrisonPaparazzi caught up with Simpson 5 hours after his release at a gas station
O.J. Simpsons Prison Release Date and Location Being Kept Secret
Parole Board Sets O.J. Simpson FreeCBS DFW is reporting that the Parole Board in Nevada voted Thursday to grant O.J. Simpson his freedom.
O.J. Simpson Drivers Licenses Going To Auction
O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing Streams Live TodayA parole hearing for O.J. Simpson will begin today at noon in Nevada. He has been in jail since December 2008, when a Las Vegas judge sentenced him to serve between nine and 33 years for his part in an armed robbery. Many legal experts believe he will be paroled.
Report Says O.J. Simpson Reality Series in the WorksThe next reality TV series may highlight O.J. Simpson walking out of prison, but which network or cable outlet would be willing to take the heat for airing it?
O.J. Simpson May Be Released From Prison In OctoberSimpson co-wrote a book and in his 2006 TV special, If I Did It, his co-writer said O.J. admitted in the book to murdering Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman...
Knife Found on O.J. Simpson Property Lacks DNAA couple of weeks ago, a knife surfaced in the O.J. Simpson murder case. A construction worker reportedly found it on the perimeter of the Simpson property and gave it to a retired LAPD cop a dozen years ago. It has been examined.
LAPD Investigating Knife Once Buried At Former O.J. Simpson EstateHow did a retired police officer come into contact with a knife buried and found on the former O.J. Simpson estate?
The People v. O.J. Simpson: Cuba Gooding's Message for the Brown, Goldman FamiliesThe families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman have spoken out about not being included in the making of The People v. O.J. Simpson, which premieres tonight on FX. Cuba Gooding Jr., who portrays O.J., was asked if he would like to say anything to them.
Murder GlovesFor the last year or so, we haven't had an office. We've been moved down the hall into the jock lounge where we all share a giant table and four computers.

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