Elderly Doctor Loses Medical License Because She Doesn't Know How To Use A ComputerDr. Anna Konopka keeps track of all of her patient's records with handwritten notes kept in a library of manilla folders.
Washington D.C. Builds A Memorial To Honor The Security Robot Who Drowned Itself In A FountainRemember that mall robot who was viciously attacked by a drunk man earlier this year? Not too long after repairs, the little guy was put back to work doing security at an office building.
Talking More Politics At Work? You're Not AloneA new survey shows we’re spending an average of two hours a day reading or talking politics.
Tons Of Rattlesnakes Have Been Spotted Outside Texas Office BuildingsThis is crazy! I would be terrified!
We All Do These 10 Embarrassing Things At The OfficeHave you ever done something really embarrassing at the office before? You aren't the only one trust us.
Man Didn't Come To Work For Six Years And No One Noticed!This might be the greatest story we have read in a while.
Top Christmas Gifts For Co-WorkersAre you having a company Christmas gift exchange? We are not, but a former long-time KLUVer used to give the best, simple gifts to one and all: food! (lol) How can you go wrong – especially when homemade. Unless it’s a fruitcake, it’ll go to good use. And if the fruitcake is from Collin Street Bakery, that’s a winner, too!
Thermostats Are Sexist!!!
Jody: I Had Over 700 Work Voicemails!
Who Is the Christian Grey Of CBS Radio? We Have A Tie!
Graffiti Isn't A Joke...EVER!
Jody: Office Invasion Is BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!

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