German Police Respond To Unexploded World War II Bomb Found In Garden; Turns Out It Was A ZucchiniA man in Germany found what he believed to be an unexploded bomb from World War II lying in his garden. 
County Legislator Uses Every Insane Excuse To Get Out Of A Speeding TicketHowever people feel about police officers, everyone would probably agree: they aren't paid enough to put up with stuff like this.
Residents Of All Dallas Counties Will Soon Be Able To Text 911 For EmergenciesResidents of all Dallas counties will soon have the option to text 911 for emergency services in case making a phone call is unavailable.
Rowlett High School Shut Down After Pepper Spray Fight At LunchLunch time at Rowlett High School had to be shut down Tuesday afternoon after two students engaged in a pepper spray fight.
Neighbors Call Police After Resident Puts Up "Disturbing" Halloween Decoration EarlySome residents on Chuckey Pike in Greene County, Tennessee feel one of their neighbor's Halloween decorations was a bad picture "to paint for young children."
Police Warn Residents Of "Mad Pooper" Who Defecates In Front Of People's Houses While JoggingIf caught, the woman could face charges of indecent exposure and public defecation.
Instagram Live Leads To Arrest Of Top Ten Fugitive Wanted Out Of DallasChristopher Ricardo Gonzalez is an 18-year-old wanted out of Dallas for murder.
Fort Worth! Be Aware Of A Naked Man On A Bicycle Attacking Joggers!Witnesses say they saw a man sitting on a bench on the Trinity Trails near the 1800 block of Rodgers Road when he stood up, removed his shorts, and hopped on a bicycle.
Man Captured On Video Abandoning Dog In Southern Dallas Turns Himself InGeorge Spears, 52 was caught red-handed on video abandoning  an adorable pooch in Southern Dallas, near Teagarden Road and Dowdy Ferry Road.
Florida Sheriff Encourages Residents NOT To Shoot Hurricane Irma, "You Won't Turn It Around."22-year-old Ryan Edwards set up a pretty hilarious Facebook event in order to combat the onslaught of the upcoming Hurricane Irma.
[VIDEO] Lufkin Woman Slips Handcuffs And Leads Police On 100 MPH ChaseThe Lufkin police department have released a video of a woman, who had been arrested for shoplifting, slipping her handcuffs and stealing a police SUV. The woman then lead police an a crazy 100 mph car chase.
Cold Medicine Murder: Sleepy Husband Killed His Wife“I think I did it,” a North Carolina man tells 911.

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