Nutella Is Changing Its Recipe, And Their Fans Are OUTRAGED!If you're planning on sending a special someone some flowers this holiday season, why not let them you know you really care about them with a Goatgram!
How About Pumpkin Spice Hotdogs???Ok, perhaps we're taking the whole pumpkin spice craze a little too far. We already have lattes, Hershey's Kisses, Oreos, and Cheerios. So do we really need a pumpkin spice hotdog?
Check Out These Working Fidget Spinner CookiesCan't get enough of the fidget spinners? Well, now you can make one right in the comfort of your own home. AND it's edible!
Reporter Finds KFC's Secret Recipe On Accident!It has finally been found, the secret recipe for KFC's famous chicken is here. A Chicago report found it by mistake.
WHAT?! McDonald's To Change McNugget FormulaMcDonald's has decided it's time to update the McNugget recipe. Hope they don't mess it up!
Kraft Mac And Cheese Has Made A BIG Change To Their Product!Don't worry everyone...It's a pretty positive change!
And The Best Cheeses for 'Grilled Cheese' Sandwiches Are...
The Parker County Peach Festival Is This Weekend!!!
Chef Jody's Bacon Wrapped Biscuit Bombs!
Cookbooks For Men Are Spiking in Sales and VolumeI received a book in the mail here at KLUV recently with a great title: Man Made Meals, The Essential Cookbook for Guys. Not exactly geared for a girl named Jenny, but I like it all the same for its simplicity.
President Obama To Release Secret Beer Recipes
As Heard On Jody Dean: Monday, 01/09/2012

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