Study Finds Head Shape Determines If You're More Likely To Cheat On Your PartnerResearchers from Nipissing University in Canada have found that, believe it or not, a person's head shape relates to how high their sexual drive is.
Having Sex Helps Prevent Heart Disease In MenApparently one of the best heart disease prevention methods for men is a regular sex life. 
How To Detertmine If Your Partner Is Predisposed To CheatingTracey Cox is a sex advice expert who has broken down the 12 factors to look for in a cheating partner.
Couple Having Sex Interrupts Tennis MatchThe score was apparently love-love… at least off the court. The announcers couldn’t make sense of the noises infiltrating the Sarasota Open between points, but one of the players had a killer remark.
Swedish Town May Give Workers Paid Breaks to Go Home, Have SexA city councilman in a northern Swedish town is pushing to give employees a one-hour paid break each and every day – so they can go home and have private time with their partner.
Anthony Anderson's Mom Taught Him How To Perform Certain Activities In The BedroomDear Lord in heaven! Blackish star Anthony Anderson and his mother are waaaaaaaaaay too close for comfort!
Did Matthew Knowles Just Reveal The Sex Of Beyonce’s Twins?We might be reading too much into this, but then again, Beyonce’s father could have just spilled the beans.
Madonna Offers Oral Sex To Anyone Who Will Vote For Hillary Clinton At Amy Schumer Show!Amy Schumer was in New York on Tuesday, and believe it or not Madonna actually opened for her. We know that Madonna and Amy Schumer are both big Hillary Clinton supporters, but we aren't sure we expected Madonna to say this.
Survey Says People Would Rather Give Up Sex Than WiFiWell we've done it. We're officially addicted to technology. Some like it more than sex according to recent surveys. Coming of age teenage movies will no longer about losing your virginity on prom night, but about a world where your tablet finds a connection in the middle of the Sahara.
Doctors Worried About Rise Of Sex Roulette PartiesAccording to the Daily Mail, Spanish doctors have noticed a recent rise in Sex Roulette Parties, where one person, who is secretly HIV Positive, engages in sexual acts with other attendees, without the use of condoms.
PICTURE: Couple Caught Having Sex At Baseball GameTake me out to the ballgame has a whole new meaning!
There's Now A Tampon You Can Use During SexA San Francisco based start up company The Flex Company has created a tampon to will allow women to experience "mess-free" sex while they are on their periods. The company's goal is to allow women everywhere to have sex no matter what time of the month.

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