Watch The Slow Mo Guys Blow Up A Bunch Of Stuff With A Compressed Air CannonThink of the fun you can have with a compressed air cannon. You can blow up all the stuff that you want and watch it explode.
Watch This Guy Jump Into 1,000 Mousetraps On A Trampoline...In Slow Motion!Do you really need to be coaxed into watching this video? It's funny watching people hurt themselves for no reason, right? At least when they bring the pain on themselves.
OK Go's Latest Music Video Took 4.2 Seconds To FilmThe band OK Go might be more well known for their music videos than their actual music.
Man Captures Spewing Vomit In Slow Motion At The State Fair Of TexasThe State Fair of Texas has gone viral. Unfortunately, it's not for the deep fried deliciousness either.
What Does A Slow-Mo Burger Drop Look Like In Real Time?The burger, easily one of America's most favorite foods!
Knocking Down A Lego City Looks Like A Movie In Slow MotionWho says Legos are just for kids?
Watch Laser Hair Removal In Slow-Motion!Laser hair removal is one of the greatest inventions of all time. By the time you get to your last treatment, it hurts like hell, but it's so worth it!
Watch The Slo Mo Guys Put Their Tongue In A Mouse TrapFile this under...Things I Should Have NEVER Watched.
Jody's Pick Of The Day - Slow Mo FootballMy oldest song Nolan was tailgating with his fellow Georgia State grads at Saturday's game against Texas State.
As Heard On Jody Dean: Wednesday, 09/14/2011

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