Pittsburgh Retail Shop Employs "Pet Ambassadors" To Help Shoppers Deal With Holiday Shopping StressIf you happen to go shopping at the Kiski Garden Center in Allegheny Township in Pittsburgh, be sure to say hello to Pete, and his counterpart, Sparkles.
Pop Star Aaron Carter Finally In RehabFriday, Aaron finally agreed to talk and was told again that The Doctors would pay for his treatment
Here Are 7 Signs That Prove You Might Be Working Too HardWe live in a society that prides itself on those who work hard.
Talking To Yourself In 3rd Person Helps Relieve StressA study from Michigan State University reveals talking to yourself in the third-person has a calming effect...
7 Tips To Reduce Your Stress Right NowIt's Friday. We are all ready for the weekend. Unfortunately, today is the day when all the work seems to pile up and stress you out. In fact, you've probably already read several emails that made your blood boil.
Working From Home Can Cause More Stress, InsomniaDo you love musing on the idea of rolling out of bed and starting work in PJs? Not even brushing your hair if you don’t want to? While the idea of working at home – and not having to go into the office – seems great, there’s apparently a dark side.
Robin Williams' Wife Now Reveals Many Painful Health Issues Robin Was Dealing WithSusan Schneider Williams, wife to the late Robin Williams, has revealed the painful issues Robin was dealing with before his suicide...
Ever Unintentionally Overheard A Conversation You Wished You Hadn't?A while back I stopped for gas at a Carrollton area station, right off George W. Bush, and while the gas was pumping...
How Facebook Affects Your Well BeingPrevention magazine says Facebook messes with our head in three primary ways.
Smashing Stuff Will Melt Away Your Anger
Kids Are Most Fun at Age 5; Most Stressful, 10 to 12The average parent thinks raising kids is 50% fun, and 50% hard work, and think FIVE is the most fun age. Why?
A New List of the Ten Most Stressful JobsThank goodness there are people who want to fill these positions. What would we do without emergency dispatchers, who come in first place?

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