Woman Pulls A Gun During "Back To School" Brawl Over The Last NotebookWhat is wrong with people? Sadly, it's a question we're asking more and more often.
iPhone 7 Means "Male Naughty Bits" In CantoneseWhoops! Sales for the iPhone 7 may fall off in Hong Kong.
Florida Walmart Honors 9/11 With A Coke Can DisplayWho knew it was so difficult to decipher between what's appropriate and inappropriate when you pay tribute to the lives we lost on September 11th!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Man Gets Drunk & Buys A $37,000 Bus!Have you ever made a drunk purchase?
Drunk Man Survives An 11 Story Fall From A BalconyIf you're going to fall eleven stories and live to tell about, it's probably a good idea that it happened when you were drunk!
Team USA's Opening Ceremony Outfits Look Like The Russian FlagIt's starting to look like the 2016 Summer Olympics are cursed! Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong...including Team USA's uniforms!
Teen Playing Pokemon Go Finds A Dead BodyStarting off the week with three stories that'll make you question whether the fittest have really survived.
Magician Impales Hosts Hand With A Metal Spike On LIVE TV!!!If you've ever wondered why we've never had a magician on the show, well, it's because something can ALWAYS go wrong!
Man Cited After Running Naked With Bells Hanging From His Manly BitsBringing a whole definition to the word "frolic", a man has been arrested for running through the park naked - with bells tied to his wedding tackle.
KRON Sportscaster Calls Out Anchor For Stealing His Story"Jane, you ignorant sl#t!" We all know those famous words from Saturday Night Live.
Artist's Latest Creation Involves Pigeons & LED LightsSome days, you just need more than one They Walk Among Us story. So, here you go...
Girl Trying The Corn Drill Challenge Loses A Huge Chunk Of HairIn what world would you ever think eating corn on the cob off a spinning drill would be a good idea?

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