Texas Wendy's Location Continues Fun Sign War With Tea ShopPure Water Tea Ice & Tea Company Ast. Manager Kyler Smith says the war began when...
Five Guys Just Beat In-N-Out As America's Favorite Burger ChainAre we sure they asked any Texans this question?
Americans Have Decided Their Favorite Fast Food ChainsMarket Force Information tabulated responses from over 11,000 people to create "a composite loyalty index that measures satisfaction with the food quality, service, value and restaurant experience, among other things."
Wendy's Is Installing Self-Ordering Machines In 1,000 Restaurants Across The CountryUh-oh, the machines are taking over. First it was bank ATMs, then the self-checkout at grocery stores, and now we have to put in our own order at Wendy's!
Declining Fast Food Sales Blamed On The Presidential ElectionHowever, what is booming... is...
Pregnant Fast Food Worker Brutally Assaulted By Customer For Forgetting StrawsWhat is wrong with people!? Victoria Repine, a 19 year-old pregnant Wendy's employee was pulled through the drive-thru window and brutally assaulted on Sunday because she forgot to give the customers straws.
Woman Finds Razor Blade Inside Wendy's Soda (PHOTO)A woman discovered a razor blade in her daughter's soda from Wendy's in New Hampshire last Friday.
What You Should Never Order At Fast Food RestaurantsA recent thread on Reddit asked fast food workers to reveal what items you should never order on their restaurants menu.
Man Arrested For Throwing Alligator Through Drive-Thru WindowNow, in today's wacky news...
Wendy's & Burger King Have Twitter BeefIt's a battle for the best burger deal.
Wendy's Has A New "Special Sauce"A Wendy's employee has been arrested after allegedly making a burger with an illegal ingredient.
As Heard On Jody Dean: Thursday, 08/09/2012If it came out of Jody’s mouth, we’re frantically trying to add it here! We’re updating this page constantly throughout the morning, so refresh often! We have a few things going on this morning…

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