What Color Is This Shoe? Grey & Blue Or Pink & White???It's been two years since the greatest controversy the world has ever seen...the dress! Is it blue and black or white and gold?
So Why Are We Not Allowed To Wear White After Labor Day?First off, let's be clear.  You are totally allowed to wear white after Labor Day.  Nobody is going to judge you, although some hilarious people might crack a joke or two while elbowing you gently in the ribs.  If you think you can handle that, wear white all day!
Beyoncé's New Wax Figure Looks Nothing Like Her & Is WhiteWhomp, whomp. Another epic fail from the wax figure world. This time though, they've angered the beehive aka Bey's biggest fans.
Are You A True Texan If You've Never Stolen A Whataburger Table Tent?The study read, "Misappropriating an orange-and-white-striped Whataburger order number has become a rite of passage of sorts in the Lone Star State, where some posit you can't be truly Texan unless you've filched a tent or two...or 10."
Skittles Release All White Bag And Candies In Honor Of Pride MonthSkittles is well known for letting you "taste the rainbow," but for Pride Month, "only one rainbow matters.  So we’ve given up ours to show support.”  
Rare White Bluebonnets Spotted Near Marble FallsOk Texans, did you know white bluebonnets even existed?
People Are Losing It After Realizing Their History Teachers Incorrectly Taught Them That Eli Whitney Was BlackFebruary is Black History month. So, let's take a little quiz? Bare with us for a moment because this question is going to sound crazy.
Are These Legs Painted Or Just Really Shiny?The latest internet debate has people wondering if this woman's legs are painted, or just really shiny. People are freaking out. What do you think?
Lion at East Texas Zoo Gives Birth To Rare White CubYou gotta see this baby.
If You Park Illegally In A Handicapped Spot...Don't Be Surprised When Someone Covers Your Car In Post-Its!!!
Nothing Says 'Merica Like...Jello Shots!
The Dress: It's Blue & Black People!!!

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