Looks Like The "Justice League" Movie Skimped Out On The Amazons' OutfitsDear Justice League, why do your Amazon outfits look like cheap, sexy Halloween costumes?
Gal Gadot Threatens To Leave "Wonder Woman" If Accused Producer Brett Ratner Is Not Removed From RoleLast month, actress Gal Gadot did not attend a dinner honoring Brett Ratner, where she was scheduled to present him with an award.  
Wonder Woman Gets An Honest TrailerUh-oh, the Screen Junkies are going after the best movie in the DC Comics world...Wonder Woman.
Warner Brotheres Celebrated The BluRay Release Of Wonder Woman With A 300 Drone Light ShowForget fireworks. Did you see how they celebrated the release of Wonder Woman on BluRay last week?
Turns Out Alamo Drafthouse's "Women Only" Screenings Of Wonder Woman Were Illegal, Offer Written Apology To City Of AustinIn what was supposed to be a celebration of women, Alamo Drafthouse offered several screenings of the film Wonder Woman that were advertised as for "women only."  
Deadpool Congratulates Wonder Woman On Her Bigger Box Office NumbersIt was only a matter of time before Wonder Woman surpassed Deadpool at the box office.
"Wonder Woman" Star Gal Gadot Only Earned $300k For Her RoleGadot's contracts for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and the upcoming Justice League, were at ...
Chris Hemsworth's Answer To Wonder Woman Vs. Thor Is PerfectStar of Wonder Woman Gal Gadot threw down a challenge to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.
Wonder Woman Shatters Box Office Record For Female DirectorDid you see Wonder Woman over the weekend?
Learn How Critics Feel about "Wonder Woman", "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" and "Dean" with Demetri Martin and Kevin KlineA pretty well balanced new movie weekend with something for everyone! 
Rebekah Reviews: Wonder WomanBelieve it or not, but I lost sleep over Wonder Woman. Why? Because everyone around me seemed to LOVE it and I didn't. All night long, I tossed and turned while wondering "What am I missing?"
Catwoman Gets An Honest TrailerWonder Woman hits theaters this Friday. So far, the reviews are pretty great. Some are even calling it one of the best superhero films of all time.

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