German Police Respond To Unexploded World War II Bomb Found In Garden; Turns Out It Was A ZucchiniA man in Germany found what he believed to be an unexploded bomb from World War II lying in his garden. 
British Treasure Hunting Team Finds $130 Mil in World War II Nazi Gold...the British group discovered SS Minden, a German cargo ship that was sunk 120 miles southeast of Iceland off the coast of Ireland in the Atlantic ocean in September 24, 1939
Bodies Discovered On Shrinking Glacier May Be Couple Missing For 75 YearsA couple missing for 75 years may have finally been found.
101-Year-Old Graduates From High School After Dropping Out In 1933 Due To Health ConditionJohn Motes had to drop out of high school after his sophomore year in 1933 due to a health condition.
U.S. Marine/Astronaut/Senator John Glenn Privately Memorialized Today By FamilyThis morning at 9 a.m., Glenn's wife and children had a private personal memorial interment for John...
WWII Bomb Found In A London Park Building SiteIt's not every day that you stumble upon an active bomb from Word War II.
Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield Discuss "Hacksaw Ridge" and Mel Becoming A Father For The 9th TimeMel jokingly describes the delivery of his upcoming 9th child in a sports-like manner...
The One Thing You Have To Watch TodayWe've all been there. Just landed, tired of being on an airplane, maybe with a connecting flight we're about to miss. Then the captain makes an announcement…and this happens.
95-Year-Old Nazi Camp Medic Will Stand Trial For 3,681 DeathsWorld War II happened 71 years ago. It's hard to believe that we would be talking about WWII trial taking place in 2016!
19 World War II Planes Will Fly Over D.C. Today
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Die Hard Is The Best Christmas Movie
Ringo Starr's Childhood Home SAVED...For The Moment

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