See Duran Duran's Roger Taylor's 18 Songs To Bring Us Into 2018

January 3, 2018
Duran Duran's Roger Taylor has created his New Year's Playlist: 18 Songs To Bring Us Into 2018 and with comments on each. Here are (9)! GET UP – JAMES BROWN The creator himself. Released just after my 16th birthday in 1976 but still killer! MY FEET KEEP DANCING – CHIC From the creator to the original masters ..Chic! Any song that has a tap dancing solo in it deserves credit. Very much part of my mis-spent youth on the dance floor. THE GROOVE LINE – HEATWAVE Amazing early example of electro funk from the late and great Rod Temperton who went on to even bigger things. PLANET EARTH – NIGHT VERSION – DURAN DURAN Takes me straight back to the darkness, glamour and mirrorflex of the Rum Runner club in Birmingham. DON’T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH – MICHAEL JACKSON Still a guaranteed floor filler, wherever you are in the universe. YOUNG AMERICANS – DAVID BOWIE We often say “there would be no Duran Duran without David Bowie” and that’s absolutely true. Can’t help loving Bowie’s unexpected and brave excursion into Philadelphia soul, and this song has one of the greatest opening drum fills of all time. I WISH – STEVIE WONDER Legendary bass player Nathan Watts and Drummer Raymond Pounds laying down an irresistible groove. Stevie… we are forever grateful! TALKING HEADS – ONCE IN A LIFETIME Nearly 40 years old but this could have been released yesterday. So influential, and the wonderful ‘off centre’ rhythm only made sense when we saw David dance. REACH UP FOR THE SUNRISE – ERIC PRYDZ RE-MIX- DURAN DURAN Our Eric knows what he’s doing, and he’s had some enormous ‘tunes’ over the last few years. This remains one of my favourite DD re-mixes of all time. Click HERE to see the other (9)!